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Never Lose your voice.
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Very few careers require more speaking than that of a local pastor– preaching week after week, bringing the hope of the Gospel in a way that people can relate to and understand. At times, the responsibility at hand can be overwhelming.

Voiceology was designed to help ease the weight. Our online coaching platform resources pastors with the tools they need to preach for the long haul without losing their voice, and learn the building blocks that keep congregations engaged and ready to take action.

This is what they didn’t teach you in seminary. Your voice is a tool. It’s time to master your craft.

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The greatest story ever told.
The voice to deliver it.

What they don't
teach you in seminary.

Communicating Scripture is everything when it comes to preaching, but your own voice can act as a barrier to God’s Word. The way you speak directly influences what people are hearing. Inspired by oral tradition and the science of speechTeach With Endurance , Voiceology uses the Roger LoveWho is Roger Love method to help you and your teaching team preach with impactTeaching for the take away . Our online coaching platform will help you develop your true voice Your Voice is an Instrument and strengthen the effectiveness of your preaching—empowering you to connect the Gospel with more people.

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Voiceology helps the church to get better at becoming a welcoming place for those who have never heard the gospel before.

I believe what Jim Collins and Stephen Covey and others have done for pastors in the area of organizational leadership is what Roger Love will do for communication. It’s important to subscribe to Voiceology because this is training we don’t usually get as pastors.
Mike Park
Hope Midtown
Roger is rare! He combines amazing personal engagement with world-class vocal knowledge. In our session, he identified the underlying problem, explained clearly how I was losing my voice, and gave me the tools not only to reverse the damage but also to strengthen my approach very quickly. Everyone who uses their voice vocationally would be blessed to get some time with Roger.
Curt Harlow
I was losing my voice and went to a doctor who wanted to operate on my vocal chords. I ended up getting in contact with Roger Love, and he saved my voice! Not only did I not have to get an operation—Roger provided training and shared techniques for improving and strengthening my voice. In addition to being a communications expert, Roger has insights I haven’t heard from anyone else.
Kenton Beshore
Pastor Emeritus
Mariners Church in Irvine
Voiceology is about getting the most out of your voice. Very rarely do you meet someone who in a short amount of time can see your potential, call it out, and actually give you next steps to maximize your sound, maximize your voice, and help you become everything you internally desire to become. That’s what Roger does.
Steve Carter
Pastor & Author
Roger Love is both inspiring and challenging. As a pastor, I don’t often get challenged to speak better, so it was nice to have someone identify areas I can grow in.

Voiceology will help you discover what’s already inside of you—your true voice. Every Sunday, people come to hear what I have to share about the story of God and how it relates to their lives. To have the opportunity to train my voice through a program like Voiceology is a real value to me as a pastor.
Rachel Triska
Co-pastor/Executive Director
Life in Deep Ellum
This is a whole new level of development for me as a communicator.

If I’m preaching the true voice of God—the heart of God—the best I can, but not using my authentic voice, then something has gotten in the way. Voiceology is as much discovering as it is uncovering the voice God gave us—each of us uniquely and individually—to tell his story and express his heart.
Jarrett Stevens
Lead Pastor
Soul City Church

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